Review: Seedborn Muse

Seedborn Muse

Draft Priority: 2

Impact: 3

Stack Status: 2
Marginal. A great card in other formats that actually gets worse here.


A powerhouse in many casual formats (particularly Commander), the green Muse’s song is a lot less alluring in Type 4. With a lack of overall permanents and the absence of a mana base to recharge, the Muse’s effectiveness is limited to a roleplayer and support card for already-powerful cards like Kahmal, Pit Fighter or Planar Portal. The Muse’s small body and relatively low board impact make casting her without items on deck to take advantage of her a questionable use of your sorcery-casting opportunities.

Take it if you have a few cards that tap, but don’t pass over A or B draft material for it.

Overall: Two disappointed EDH players out of five


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