Review: Pelakka Wurm

Draft Priority: 4

Impact: 5

Stack Status: 4
Pelakka Wurm is one of the best big uncommon beasties in years and sees use in Commander, limited (both WotC and player constructed) and casual Magic everywhere. But there should still be one in just about any stack.


Look at the size of the ‘scale guys’ on this art in the lower left. They couldn’t even use scale birds, so you know this is some serious action. However, I think the scale starts to find of fall apart when you take a cursory look at the background and the wurm seem to be sizing up pretty well next to… scale mountains? A scale river? Or is the wurm flying?

…no. This isn’t a Kamigawa card. It’s not a creature that looks flying but isn’t.

Despite some troubling artwork (or maybe the peyote is starting to work?), Pelakka Wurm is only troubling if you don’t get to play it. This is kind of like a super scaled-up Mulldrifter—it’s fair for the mana, it does all types of good stuff, and it doesn’t violate the colour pie entirely. The difference is this is way cooler because it’s a 7/7 that is trying to eat you.


Overall: Four and a half scale rivers out of five


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