Review: Lone Revenant

Draft Priority: 1

Impact: 1

Stack Status: 2
Marginal. This is a pity 2, because it’s just not good anywhere.


I remember opening this as I ended up with a bunch of packs of Avacyn Restored. I thought, “hmm, rare blue creature at over four mana? This must be good.” I’m sure if one could have mounted a camera in the room and recorded my face as my eyes scrolled down the text, it could have made for a hilarious .gif file that could haunt message boards for years to come. The transition from interest to confusion, then sadness, and finally rage probably would have been Oscar-worthy. Instead I’ll just tell you this card sucks, and I figured it might have a chance in Type 4 between the relatively empty boards and Hexproof. Instead, all it does it get pushed and the person who gets it resents it.

Overall: One Know Your Meme link out of Five


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