Review: Stone-Tongue Basilisk

Draft Priority: 3

Impact: 3

Stack Status: 3
It’s the kind of card that goes into Type 4 piles because everyone has it, and it’s not much good elsewhere.


Ahhh, Stone-Tongue Basilisk. Who doesn’t remember seeing one or opening one back in the Odyssey days and dreaming of building a deck with them? After all, it’s what you always wanted your other basilisks to do anyway! And it’s got Wayne “Pointy Serpintine Things” England art to top it off! What could go wrong?

Well, 2001 came and went, you never quite collected four of them for your awesome Stone-Tongue Basilisk/Arcane Teachings deck. You gained some pounds, got your heart broken, and ended up being thrown into the spiritual meat grinder of adulthood. Playing Magic is about as good as popping Zoloft so why not? Anyway, during those years, the nWo’s takeover of WCW—sorry, WotC’s Magic department—has been fully realized and consolidated. That Stone-Tongue Basilisk is truly an embarrassment now, though thinking back on it with the wisdom of age, you realize it probably always was.

At least now you can use one of the two you collected way back then, play it, and think back to when people were enraged that Counterspell was no longer going to be considered acceptable to print in core sets and Shroud wasn’t too complicated or frustrating for us troglodytes to understand.

Type 4 is kind of like a graveyard for our fond memories in that sense.

Overall: Three angular creatures with open mouths looking to the right out of five


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