Review: Spy Network

Draft Priority: 1

Impact: 1

Stack Status: 1
I honestly think this ended up in the Stack by mistake.


Quick, shut up and think: is there any card that results in more physical activities at the time of casting than Spy Network?

1)      Tap mana

2)      Display Spy Network

3)      Spy Network presumably resolves (for the love of all that is good, please don’t spend a counterspell on it), so you put it in the pooper

4)      Target player reveals their hand to you

5)      You look at the hand

6)      You return that hand to the player, or their hide it again

7)      You peep the top of that player’s deck

8)      Flip over face-down creatures for a glimpse at the truth

9)      Grab your own top four

10)  Reorganize said top for

11)  Return to the top of the deck

You just were party to eleven actions for one mana, and guess what it accomplished? Sweet dick all. I guess if you’re one of those really gross fatasses that I keep hearing about but not seeing much of at Magic events, if you build a deck of forty Spy Network and twenty Islands you might get a good workout.

Concrapulations, ur winder.

I don’t know how this ended up in my stack, but it’s out now thankfully.

Overall: Half of an NSA analyst trying to find crypto-subversive content on this site out of five


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