Review: Broodhatch Nantuko


Draft Priority: 3

Impact: 3

Stack Status: 5
This is a real Type 4 card. It’s pretty much only good here, and it’s definitely enjoying it’s time to shine.


Full disclosure: I really like this card, I always have, and I’ve had decks that involved everything from making people attack me using Bullwhip to block with this to hitting it with Shivan Meteor. Broodhatch Nantuko is my Insect Druid staple. I use it in enough decks that the Willbender rule has a caveat when playing against me: if Andy has a morph creature, it may be a Nantuko Broodhatch (which is actually a Willbender).

But this card is genuinely good in Type 4. It’s certainly not ‘good’ in the traditional sense elsewhere. It also represents a nightmare so terrifying WotC has probably designed this card with Illuminati consent (of course subject to their exterterrestrial Masters’ approval) to subliminally spread a nightmare that can hold the globe in an icy grip of fear.

It’s a bug, right? Gross, already. But then you put the bug on smash and suddenly, MORE BUGS. Before you know it, despite you best Whacking Day-inspired efforts, you’re ending up with this type of fiasco:

Wu-Tang for life

…actually, that guy looks pretty ok with it.

Overall: Four Killa Bee Swarms out of five


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