Review: Ring of Gix

Draft Priority: 2

Impact: 3

Stack Status: 3
Staple. Icy Manipulator 2: The Re-Manipulatioring


I’ve never understood this card terribly well. It’s seems to be like a worse Icy Manipulator, and rare to boot. I can imagine opening a pack of Urza’s Hammerthing and getting this over, say, most cards and just flipping into a seething rage for about two seconds before realizing it’s my own sucker-ass fault for buying packs anyway.

In any case, when the mana costs vanish this is just a duplicate of Icy Manipulator, which is a good solid card in Stack.

Has anybody else noticed I haven’t reviewed a right thorough banger in some time? It’s been a lot of these very good utility cards but no outlandish 8 CMC monstrosities.

Overall: Three Icy Manipulations out of five


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