Review: Tomorrow, Azami’s Familiar

Draft Priority: 3

Impact: 3

Stack Status: 4
Staple. It costs a ton of mana but it’s super-fair.


It’s not often where you see relatively basic utility being pulled at the six-mana slot, but the Kamigawa block was a funny time when cards were mostly poop and Umezawa’s Jitte ruined everything. Tomorrow is a great Type 4 card in the roleplayer position–it’s worth taking as it’s card-sorting ability is really powerful, but the impact is spread out over time instead of being a one-time RIFLE BURS of game-shattering power. As a result, he can be slept on and let you get away with a lot more than you reasonably should. Combine that with only one power, and you have a near-ideal package of passive, below-the-radar power.

So, Tomorrow is a good card… but is it worth drafting over some obvious power like Elemental Appeal? I don’t think so often, but it’s value increases hugely dependent on the type of cards you’ve already drafted. If you’re rolling with a bunch of No Mercy and Karmic Justice effects, than you’re likely already going for a long-term strategy where he slots in perfectly… in that case, taking Tomorrow way earlier than seems reasonable to others makes sense. But otherwise, it’s more of a nice-to-have thing.

Just… when you see some disgusting, vomiting 80s-hair toad-thing on the other side of the table ‘doing nothing’, blow it up.

Overall: Three six-mana utility cards out of five


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