Review: Read the Runes

Draft Priority: 3

Impact: 3

Stack Status: 5
Money in the bank. This is one of it’s better formats.


A lot of people see this card for the first time playing my Type 4 pile and immediate comment that it’s pretty cool. I’m inclined to agree. Rocking out just like the guy on the card art, now you too can learn your A-B-Cs in glowing rune format and simultaneously trade in soon-to-be-exploded permanents (like a token swarm pre-Crater Hellion) for shiny new cards, which can also be SORTED from a significant collection.

There’s limitations on this card’s power, of course, in that in Type 4 you tend to not have a lot of permanents. In this case, it’s perfectly fair and self-limiting, which I’m ok with. I was initially worried about giving people the prospective power to draw their entire deck, even for a minute, but Type 4’s Commandments have held any real potential abuse in check and thus far I don’t recall the card doing anything that seemed degenerate; it does enable some very cool creative plays though.


Overall: Three horribly-contrasting picture subjects and background out of five


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