Review: Quicksilver Dragon

Draft Priority: 4

Impact: 4

Stack Status: *6*
Stacker Pentecost. Finally, it can live up to it’s full potential.


I remember cracking a Quicksilver Dragon in high school and thinking it was incredibly cool, but in practice, it was pretty much a piece of shit. Let’s break down why.

3 Mana: Initially played, face-down

– one turn transition where you can’t flip him over, so it’s just a 2/2 sitting there vulnerable to sneezes –

5 Mana: Flip face-up

– or maybe not, because you want an extra mana for the gimmick –

1 Mana: Redirect single-target spell

6 Mana: Play normally

– still short on gimmick mana –

So, essentially, you’re looking at a minimum investment of nine mana to come even close to getting the full potential of this card over time. At the same period of Magic history you could have easily killed your opponent with a Goblin Piledriver by this point so Quicksilver Dragon was deservedly scorned and driven to the world of questionable-quality casual 60×4 decks, an arena where I never saw it looking particularly good either.

Suddenly, Type 4. Where we don’t need to worry about mana anymore. There all Morph creatures are of higher value because they get around the Third Commandment. Where you don’t need to be stalling one mana constantly to keep Quicksilver Dragon’s whole gimmick online.

Doesn’t this seem like it makes a lot of sense? Well, it does. Quicksilver Dragon is pretty good in Type 4, and it’s effect is even kind of like a Willbender, which is good because it is a Willbender probably anyway.

Overall: Four and a half Willbenders out of five


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