Review: Lost in the Mist

Draft Priority: 5

Impact: 5

Stack Status: *6*
Stacker Pentecost.


The done did it here. Referred to as “Trapped in the Closet” for a long time in my group (then transitioned into “Urban Opera” before finally reclaiming the proper title of “Lost in the Mist”), this card is a real Type 4 powerhouse that meets all the criteria for being an awesome Type 4 card. It’s common, cheap, terrible in other formats, and has a tremendous impact on the board. Even if there’s not a particularly opportune spell to counter, somebody is casting something all the time and if you need an emergency bounce spell you can usually find a way to make it happen. It also let us reference R. Kelly, probably the most important thing of all.



Hmm Real Talk

This is obviously dissolving into an R. Kelly reference-fest, which isn’t bad, but not why you read this stuff (like anybody does).

Anyway, Lost in the Mist is a real powerhouse counterspell, maybe one of the best in the format. A surprise hit!

Overall: Five “Did she say there were other guys there?” out of five, Stacker Pentecost Glare of Approval



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