Wrap Up

I spent one year working on the Academy of the Infinite. After almost 400 posts of mostly-original content,┬áplenty of baseline articles to provide newbies a foothold into the world of Type 4, and a truly dizzying array of stupid images, I feel that I’ve done a satisfactory job of providing a dedicated resource to Type 4 players. Now that I’d down to writing just the daily reviews, I feel there’s a large enough catalog of them to supply players with good insight into some specific gems, as well as pick up on a pattern of what makes a good Type 4 card, so my ‘expertise’ is no longer required. Not that it ever was.

For those just landing here and looking to learn about the format, start from the beginning;┬áthen, if you’re looking for something specific, hit up the Content Index to see all the matieral ever published here in a nice, organized fashion. For the Reviews, there’s a specific Review Index as well where the reviews are sorted by colour, scores, and accolades.

Enjoy what you find useful and send yourself hatemail about what you don’t like!