The Academy of the Infinite is the only resource on the Internet dedicated to Magic’s Most Sensational Format™, Type 4 .

The site shows players a doorway into the world of Infinity Magic. The Academy will offer articles discussing the format’s structure, rules, strategy and variants to provide new players with some perspective and older ones with food for thought. For a relatively simple format, Type 4 offers considerable depth both in play and organization and can provide a range of experiences. It’s a gimmick format, but it’s the dopest gimmick there is, and I’d like to make sure everyone sees all the angles it offers.

A majority of the Academy’s content is the Type 4 Review, where every day a card from my Type 4 box will be reviewed at random (to see under the review system’s academically-sound hood, click here). This process was began so I could index my Stack and reconsider some card choices as it had grown like the uncontrollable beast I trained it to be, but now I needed to dial it back and refine the experience a bit. I figured there was little reason not to share my thoughts.

My name is Andy, aka GHoooSTS.

You may recognize the name from CommanderCast’s history. At the beginning of 2013, I turned my back on the MtG world and exited the EDH Shuffle Alliance having said anything worthwhile I had to say. I vanished into the Canadian wilderness carrying only a rifle and a stack of Tempest mountains. After grinding away on my BSc (Baller Science credentials), submission grappling kodiak bears and reaching new plateaus of Peyote-induced personal insight, I decided to return to the Information Superhighway to fill a void literally nobody cares about: the ongoing coverage, promotion and discussion of Type 4.

You can reach me at Type4Review@gmail.com.


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