Commentary: Why Try Type 4?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably an entrenched Type 4 player, a Magic player interested in switching up their experience, or somebody hopelessly lost in the internet. This post is for the latter two groups. Those who have already spent a good deal of time gallivanting about the halls of the Academy trying to sponge up the knowledge fo this facility and it’s staff don’t need to drink any more Kool-Aid. But all the super-casual Magic players and ‘serious’ bros out there slinging cardboard probably already have plenty of Magic on the schedule, and this sounds new and scary anyway so why bother?

My first reason to encourage everyone to play Type 4 is because it’s ‘fun’.

Oh, wow, how eloquent. Hold on while I get my man Ralph Waldo Emerson on the jack and tell him I’ve snatched the World Heavyweight Prose Championship off his skeletal ass.

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Commentary: How Many Players Is Optimal?

If you’re blessed to be surrounded with a cadre of enthusiastic gamers in your local scene like I am, the likelihood is that on game days you’re rolling deep. The average get-together in the off-season for gaming around my crapshack picks up four to six players, and the peak times have eight to ten. When you have a big ol’ group of gaming rowdies in one room ready to bash each other’s fake-cardboard-wizards heads in, you often have to split the team up to play a few different games. Doing this has given me a lot of experience in playing Type 4 with different group sizes. So what do I like the best? Let’s pad the wordcount here for my imaginary editor while I discuss my observations with different numbers of boss money player$ at the turntable.

This is a picture of my typical gaming group from two years ago. Not much has changed except that my man Imshan got even more jacked (he looks like Scott Steiner now)

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