Review: Rise from the Grave

Draft Priority: 2

Impact: 3

Stack Status: 2
Borderline. It’s nothing special but it’s inoffensive.


This is like… the most average card in the stack. It takes a main phase and does something that’s worth doing, but nothing above that. It will pretty much always have a use in just about any games that’s past the first few turns, and it’s probably going to be pretty good, too. The graveyard tends to be populated with all kinds of delicious goodies, just like real life.

But it’s really nothing special. It might actually be the most mediocre card in the Stack.

Overall: Two and a half ‘midnight snacks’ out of five


Review: Artisan of Kozilek

Draft Priority: *6*

Impact: *6*

Stack Status: *6*
Stacker Pentecost. Man, there’s been a lot of these lately. I shouldn’t have to explain why. PRO TIP: MOST ELDRAZI WILL GET THIS SCORE


The Eldrazi were supposed to represent sanity-bending, Lovecraftian monsters in Magic that came from beyond our comprehension and squashed worlds without really noticing their existence.  While they certainly captured that feel to me, they also made me wonder is a certain degree of Lovecraftian madness had gotten into the R&D department. They all but confirmed the stranglehold of the Design nWo and to me signaled that what I once understood about creature design was exploded and scattered like Marvin’s brains in Pulp Fiction.

Kicking things off with being a 10/9 for 9 mana, this shit is already a bit wonky, but not terribly out of line I supposed. There seems to be some kind of value compression in Power and Toughness to mana cost once the mana values go beyond 5. But the Artisan also carries a four-mana (often five) ability along with him as an afterthought, and then packs in Annihilator 2 (which I have no idea how to correctly cost).

Did I mention this is COLOURLESS mana, the most worthless of all mana? It’s the pesos of mana. Null Brooch costs six mana and YOUR ENTIRE HAND to replicate the effect of a UU spell. While this is probably the most extreme example of colourless mana needing to trade up to approximate the value of coloured mana, it’s still a thing.

So I don’t understand how cards are valued mana-wise anymore. No big deal. This stuff might even seem normal to people who started playing after Mirrodin. It still blows my mind.

Overall: Five whiny nostalgic Magic players out of five, Stacker Pentecost glare of approval