Secondary Rules

Beyond the Five Commandments of Type 4, a branching framework of other rules can be added to change up the experience. Here are some of those rules listed for your convenience, listed under the Commandment they apply most to. When combined with the five basic rules, these can be compiled together into “Modes” of playing Type 4.

To see a collection of Modes that demonstrate how to change up playing Type 4 with these secondary rules, click here.

These will fill in as I post the alternative rules at a rate of about two a month.

I: “Thou Shall Have Fun”

II: “Thou Shall Have Infinite Mana”

III: “Thou Shall Cast One Spell Per Turn”

IV: “Thou Shall Recognize Defensive Abilities As Victors In Infinite Loops”

  • Coin flip resolution

V: “Thou Shall Play From A Shared Card Pool”


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